Week 7: “I will definitely make this again. Who wouldn’t!?”

St. Martin of Tours students Dina Odehouri, Hillary Wong, Iris Sanchez, and Phoenix Diaz prepare to put the curried chicken with cauliflower, apricots, and olives into the oven during week 7 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program.

This week the students at Saint Martin of Tours prepared Curried Chicken as a main dish and Strawberry Shortcake as a dessert. It was by far the most enjoyable meal for the students. The students made one positive comment after another. Hillary Wong said in her reflection, “I really liked the chicken because it was spicy… and the shortcake was soo good with the gooey strawberries!” Iris Sanchez said, as she was cleaning up, “I will definitely make this again. Who wouldn’t!?” Dina Odehouri commented in her journal, “This meal was sweet and savory.” Last but not least, Phoenix Diaz said at the dinner table, “I can’t wait till next week when the guests get to come over!” Needless to say, the last new meal was a BIG hit with everyone. It was even selected at the final meal for next week's dinner.

- Ashley Stadtfeld and Pattie Farrell