Week 6: Tasty cod chowder as good as clam

Kayla Campbell, Amaana Lawrence, Allen Shears IV display the skillet cornbread that they made during week 6 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Wissahickon Fernhill.

Best menu so far! The class was really looking forward to preparing a chowder and baking a corn bread in a cast iron pan. Our biggest challenge was substituting clams and clam juice. One of our chefs was not a fan of this type of shell fish. So week we discussed how to substitute and decided on using cod in place of the clams, and chicken broth in place of the clam juice. It was an easy replacement and it did not comprise on flavor. Our -Wissahickon Fernhill Fish Chowder -was thick creamy and satisfying. The class enjoyed becoming fish mongers, slicing the cod into bite size pieces while feeling for any bones. It was a greatest lesson on how to swap one protein for another and one type of broth for another and maintain the taste and integrity of the recipe. Everyone took home seconds for their family to taste.

-Amy Steinberg and Brenda Waber