Week 6: Organized and proficient

Selena Rivera and Shaianne Croker clean up following week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at TeamUp Philly. The students learned recipes for New England clam chowder and cornbread.

Making clam chowder means chopping lots of vegetables!  We were worried that we would be pressed for time, but it’s amazing how organized and proficient our students have become in the last few weeks.  Daniyah Eskridge made short work of the tricky carrots and Shaianne Croker cut the potatoes into precise squares.  Selena Rivera manned the stove, while Riley Brown and Bibette Nana got to work on the cornbread. 

Our students had not tasted clams, and were not too sure about them, especially after smelling the strong, briny aroma of juice.  Combined with the rest of the ingredients, the clam juice did make for a tasty chowder, although a few of our students would have preferred it with fish next time.

-Elena Levitan, Beth Buckman