Week 6: Everyone found a favorite part of this meal

Tegan Terri, Jailyn Rosado, Dan Feldman, Jeffrey Saldivar, Rachel Soto, and Danielis Urena prep ingredients during week 6 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at McClure Elementary. The students prepared New England clam chowder and cornbread.

Week 6 brought an interesting recipe: New England Clam Chowder and Cheddar Cornbread. After reading through the ingredients, our students divided tasks. Jeffrey Saldivar and Rachel Soto worked with Ms. Karen to measure, mix and bake up the cornbread. Meanwhile, Biendibel Ventura and Danielis Urena took on the chopping of celery and carrots. Tegan Terry volunteered to handle the onions as she proclaimed herself the "onion queen" to our guest cooking teacher, Mr. Dan Feldman. Jailyn Rosado handled creating a mixture of all these ingredients into the pot and stirred our new masterpiece of chowder! Ms. Terri Farruggia also brought pineapple that the children prepared for a taste of fresh fruit afterwards.

Again our students set a beautiful table and all willing tried this different meal. Rachel and Danielis really enjoyed the chowder, while Jailyn loved the cornbread. Jeffrey ate the potatoes and was hesitant about the clams. Teagan said the tyme was the strongest element of taste for her.

- Terri Farruggia, Christina Plover