Week 5: Mixed reviews from the kids

Sanaa Fowler and Zamirah Smith prepare guacamole during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking classes at St. Martin de Porres.

The challenge this week was to get everything  done within our 2 hours so we divided the time between the chili and the guacamole. In addition to the vegetarian chili and the guacamole we also made our own tortilla chips. Kids as usual were eager to help with the preparation. The chili was up first to cook on the stove and then we were able to made the guacamole and chips. Although we squeezed the lemons in a prior week this week we used a lemon squeezer to get the most out of the lemons.  The meal got mixed reviews from the kids some preferred the guacamole and some preferred the chili but overall they gave the meal a score of 4.6 on our 5-1 system. 

 - Barbara Krumbhaar and Diane Fanelli