Week 5: Team Chili and Team Guac

Tegan Terry chops onions for the week 5 My Daughter’s Kitchen recipes at McClure Elementary.

This was one of the weeks, we couldn't wait for: Vegetarian Chili and Guacamole! Our students were so excited that they immediately came in and laid out our tablecloth and placed our cups, bowls, napkins and utensils very carefully. They aproned up and were ready to go! Ms. Terri Farruggia has us read the recipes differently. We only read the ingredients instead of the measurements. We talked about how those ingredients go together to create flavor. Everyone in the group had many years of experience tasting and Ms. Terri wanted us to use that experience to create our dishes today. We formed two teams.  

Jailyn Rosado, Jeffrey Saldivar and Tegan Terry joined Ms. Christina Plover to form Team Guac. Each students took on the task of cutting, scooping and mashing the avocados as well as slicing the tomato and onion. We rolled and squeezed our lemon for juice and added hot sauce. We tasted and seasoned until it was just right!

Danielis Urena, Rachel Soto and Biendibel Ventura joined Ms. Terri to form Team Chili. There they sliced and diced veggies, drained beans, sauteed, seasoned ad stirred. It smelled awesome! Team Guac joined in to help! We loved the smell of the cilantro!

When it was time to eat, we were surprised that the guacamole went into the chili. None of us had ever had it that way! Everyone one was surprised how easy and delicious all the ingredients we had read earlier tasted together. We decided this cooking adventure was a success!

-- Terri Farruggia, Christina Plover