Week 5: More fun to prepare than to eat

Tyrone Moore III, Bryana Sierra, Kevin Pagan and Emiliana Zayas display the guacamole they made during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Bayard Taylor.

It was such a delight watching each of the chefs at Bayard Taylor on Wednesday showing off their chopping, dicing and slicing skills developed at previous sessions when preparing the chilli and guacamole ingredients. We were so busy, we completely forgot about taking pictures until the chilli was cooking and the guacamole was made! This week, the preparation of the meal was enjoyed quite a bit more than the eating of it.  Written comments on the meal ranged from "I didn't like the chilli because it had too many beans" to "the one thing I liked about the chilli was the beans"! Others just "did not like the chilli."  Kevin noted that the chilli was "ok but not that great" but he "loved the guacamole."  Tyrone did not like the chilli or the guacamole but thought that the whole session "was great."  Not all meals are going to appeal to all kids, but that can be looked at as minor when the preparation is thoroughly enjoyed.