Week 5: Lots of ingredients met with lots of confidence

Iris Sanchez stirs chili during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at St. Martin of Tours.

This week at Saint Martin of Tours, the students made Vegetarian Chili with Guacamole. It was a long list of ingredients for the recipes, but that did not intimidate the students one bit. Dina Odehouri said “I liked that this meal required a lot of ingredients. I also liked that this meal required a lot of effort in cooking and cleaning.” Hillary Wong was also not intimidated and couldn’t wait to show off her new skills with cutting. Phoenix Diaz and Iris Sanchez especially loved the “yummy” guacamole. Clifton Debrosse also loved the guacamole and said he “really liked having it on top of the vegetarian chili.” He couldn’t wait for seconds!

- Ashley Stadtfeld & Pattie Farrell