Week 5: The girls love the guacamole

In preparation for the guacamole a tomato is diced. ED HILLE / Staff Photographer

The vegetarian chili and guacamole were a big hit with the Team Up Philly group this week.  All of the girls said they would definitely make this at home.  At first, the cooks were apprehensive about the two kinds of beans we added to the chili, but then they seemed to like them in the final product!  Shaianne Croker said, "I don't like beans, but I did like the chili".  Riley Brown said she liked the vegetables in the chili, "but would add meat to it"!  The Guacamole was a big hit.  All of the girls loved the guacamole and said it tasted really fresh.  Selena Rivera said the guacamole was "holy guacamole"! 

- Elena Levitan, Beth Buckman, Marion Pearlman