Week 4: 'What smells so good?'

Jeffery Saldivar, Jailyn Rosado, Tegan Terry, Danielis Urena, and Terri Farruggia discuss the week 4 recipes during My Daughter’s Kitchen at McClure Elementary.

Our students arrived eager to conquer Quick Beef Stew and Crudité with Homemade Ranch Dip. We had to practice the word crudité a few times! We divided up into two groups to get all our chopping done! Rachel Soto, Jailyn Rosado and Mrs. Plover took on slicing our crudité vegetables to the right size for dipping into the ranch. Jeffrey Saldivar, Tegan Terry, Danielis Urena and Ms. Terri Farruggia conquered the stew vegetables. Everyone measured ingredients, browned the beef, stirred the stew and set the table. Jailyn even made a centerpiece for the table from the celery leaves. May teachers and the principal popped in to see what we were cooking because they said it smelled so good. When it was time to eat, we invited our music teacher, Mr. Feldman, to join us. Tegan thought the beef was chewy. Jailyn took forever to chew one piece of beef!

Once we finished and cleaned up, we realized we are half way through our program. We gave our students a question to think about. What kitchen skill do you think you have improved the most with. Everyone, but Jeffery, said their knife skills. Jeffery said seasoning, because he has learned to taste and decide if your dish needs seasoning for better taste!

- Terri Farruggia, Christina Plover