Week 4: Homemade, schoolmade, delicious

Hillary Wong prepares celery and Dina Odehouri stirs the stew during week 4 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at St. Martin of Tours.

The students at Saint Martin of Tours were excited to make this week’s meal of Quick Beef Stew with Crudite and Homemade Ranch. The students love vegetables and chopping up food, so they knew making the meal was going to be fun. Clifton Debrosse especially loves vegetables and chopped away at them like a professional chef. Dina Odehouri chopped away at the onions for the first time. She said that she learned that onions had strong skins so that people didn’t cry when they walked by. Phoenix Diaz said he really enjoyed the tender stew and Iris said she really enjoyed the dip. Hillary Wong enjoyed both and said, “It was a great homemade, actually schoolmade, meal!”

-Ashley Stadtfeld & Pattie Farrell