Week 4: As satisfying as store-brand

Sanaa Fowler, Zamirah Smith, and Lamont Brunson sample the quick beef stew they made during week 4 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at St. Martin de Porres.

Another very exciting week of trying something new. The kids were really excited about using their new skills but still there was a lot of hesitation in cutting up the onions and there were a lot of them. In order to get everything on the table in time we prepared the stew first and while it was cooking prepared the crudite with ranch dip. Tymir has become our go to guy for his adept cutting skills.  Everyone liked the dip and was surprised that something that simple to make had such great taste.  Miss Jeanine and Miss Barbara confessed they were a bit skeptical that the dip would match up to the commercial product but it did. The stew was also well liked. The overall meal got a 5 in our 5-1 rating system.   

- Barbara Krumbhaar and Jeanine Ashmead