Week 3: Plenty for all

Danielis Urena slices red peppers for the green salad that will accompany the kale and pasta dish students are making as part of week 3 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at McClure Elementary.

All our students were early to class, excited to start our next adventure in the kitchen! This week's menu, Salmon and Kale Pasta with a side salad. Our team now runs like a professional restaurant. All around you can see students taking turns slicing and dicing, measuring ingredients, stirring, setting places at the table and cleaning up! Danielis Urena showed her very precise method of dicing peppers, while Jeffrey Saldivar mastered cutting a cantaloupe for our dessert. Jailyn Rosado and Rachel Soto took on getting our kale chopped just right for the pasta. Ms. Terri Farruggia showed us how to emulsify our salad dressing, while Ms. Christina Plover made sure our pasta was cooked to al dente. Our recipe was very easy and definitely could feed more than six people! Everyone was able to bring home leftovers to share with their family!    

- Terri Farruggia, Christina Plover