Week 3: Focus on salad

HIllary Wong, Dina Odehouri, Iris Sanchez, Clifton Debrosse, and Phoenix Diaz display the pasta and kale dish that they made during week 3 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at St. Martin of Tours.

This week the students at Saint Martin of Tours made Salmon & Kale Pasta and Green Side Salad with homemade Vinaigrette. The students talked before cooking and decided together that they would divide and conquer to prepare the meal. Iris Sanchez and Hillary Wong prepared the salad dressing and sauce for the pasta, Dina Odehouri managed the stove, and Clifton Debrosse and Phoenix Diaz prepared the vegetables. The students had never had salmon before and were anxious to try it along with the salad. By the time they started eating though, the focus of the meal was surprisingly on the salad! Dina Odehouri said, "I like that the salad has so many vegetables in it. I also like the red peppers. They are kinda sweet. I've never had them before." The other students agreed and asked for seconds.

-Ashley Stadtfeld and Pattie Farrell