Week 3: Cooking calls for creativity and flexibility

Camden Promise Charter School students Taniyah Waples, Paola Rodriguez, and Melany Morales improvised when the required salad dressing ingredients weren’t available for their week 3 My Daughter’s Kitchen recipe.

This week at Camden  Promise Charter School we learned that cooking calls for creativity and flexibility.  An ingredient in the salad dressing recipe, Dijon mustard, disappeared from the pantry, so instructor Jessica Petthyng showed the students how to substitute available options and created a vibrant vinaigrette.  Jose Vivar practiced his knife skills and cut all the salad vegetables, while the  girls washed and cut kale, minced garlic, zested the lemon, drained the salmon, and assembled the pasta dish.  Melany Morales and Taniyah Waples were enthusiastic about trying new foods while Paola Rodriguez was much more reserved.