Week 2: A thoroughly enjoyable meal

Clifton Debrosse takes a turn stirring the turkey as it cooks during week 2 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at St. Martin of Tours, Spring 2016.

This week the students at Saint Martin of Tours kicked off the early spring season by making Sloppy Joe Sliders and Quick Pickled Cucumbers. The students were very excited to get started on their jobs to make this dish. Dina Odehouri and Iris Sanchez helped to peel and chop away at the cucumbers, Hillary Wong and Clifton Debrosse measured and mixed the sauce for the sandwiches and cucumbers, and Phoenix Diaz mastered the meat on the stove. When the food was ready, the students sat eagerly at the table to eat. The first words out of Clifton’s mouth were, “Wow, this is really good.” Those four words and the focused eating observed at the table were obvious signs that the students thoroughly enjoyed the meal.