Week 1: A week of firsts

Phoenix Diaz sautes bananas for the Banana Dutch Baby during the first week of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at St. Martin of Tours, Spring 2016.

This was the first “My Daughter’s Kitchen” meal for Dina Odehouri, Iris Sanchez, Hillary Wong, Clifton Debrosse, and Phoenix Diaz at Saint Martin of Tours. The students prepared a delicious breakfast dish called Banana Dutch Baby with fresh cut fruit on the side. While making this meal, the students experienced a lot of firsts in cooking. Iris and Dina learned how to safely cut for the first time, Hillary tried yogurt for the first time, Clifton learned how to properly measure dry ingredients for the first time, and Phoenix realized that teamwork in a kitchen is good for getting things done quickly. The fifth graders all thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Phoenix even said that if he had to pick one word to describe the meal he would use the word ambrosial.Needless to say, he liked it a lot! 

 - Ashley Stadtfeld