Week 1: Enthusiastic thumbs down

Brianny Nunez, Paola Rodriguez, Melany Morales, and Jose Vivar participate in Week 1 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Camden Promise Charter School, Spring 2016.

Although the students at Camden  Promise Charter School were enthusiastic chefs, they unanimously agreed that Banana Dutch Baby was not a pleasing recipe.  They learned new cooking words such as saute and whisk, discovered that vanilla came from an orchid, and practiced using their food descriptive words.  Brianny Nunez called the dish "tasteless", Jose Vivar said it was "doughy", Paola Rodriguez described it as "dry", and Melany Morales thought the pancake was "bland".  The meal's highlight was the accompanying vanilla yoghurt and fresh sliced pear.  We plan to spice up next week's recipe to accommodate Latino tastes.

- Jane Elkis Berkowitz and  Jessica Petthyng