Time to showcase a semester of cooking skills

Sophia Christinzio, Pooja Patel, Lorrie Craley, Arielle Kosty, Cindy O'Donnell, Peter Olsen and Philip Neatu hold up their certificates of completion during the final meeting of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Comly.

As the final day, drew near, the excitement became electric.  All day, the mini chefs discussed who would do what job — chop the vegetables, mash the bananas, etc. They didn’t argue, as each had his or her favorite activity.  As we gathered all the ingredients, the talk turned to who their special guests would be. Peter Olsen said his dad was coming if he finished the roof. Pooja Patel said she was sure it was her mom.  

When we got to the kitchen the mini chefs got to work.  They took out the ingredients, burrito ingredients on left, muffins on the right.  Peter Olsen and Arielle Kosty immediately started to chop up the peppers. Pooja Patel didn’t mind crying from chopping the onion and Sophia Christinzio shredded the zucchini.  Since Philip Neatu broke his arm, he became our master measurer. He measured out all the dry ingredients for the muffins.

With everyone concentrating on preparing a delicious meal for their guests, the mini chefs became serious, the laughing and joking stopped.  As the guests arrived, the chefs wanted to show off their skills in the kitchen and invited their mothers to observe. The food was brought to the table amongst ohs and ahs from the moms.  Everyone raved over the burritos, but the muffins were a hit! What a great way to hide vegetables into a muffin. An awesome ending to a new learning experience.