This week's lesson: How to use a vegetable peeler

Photos - local - awbury week2
Destiny Holmes, Tyiana Robinson, Mirrah Morris, Marcus Waters, and Aneirh Jackson juice lemons to make dressing for the tortellini salad with zucchini and peas that they made during week 2 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wissahickon Charter school, Awbury campus.

After looking over the ingredients in this recipe, all of the students guessed that the zucchini was a cucumber. It looks like a cucumber, but you'll taste the difference.

We explained that the tortellini needs to cook in the boiling water. How long do you think we wait until it's cooked? Marcus Waters guessed: "An hour?" 

Carlie's advice: Keep in mind that the higher up you pour, and the farther away you stand while pouring the pasta in the water - the bigger the splash. We placed a large spoon on the top of the pot to prevent this, just to be sure. Aneirh Jackson, wanting to test this theory, removed the spoon and dumped most of the bag in all at once!

None of the students had used a vegetable peeler before. While reading the recipe, Mirrah Morris asked, "Zucchini comes with a handle? It makes ribbons?" "Ooh, I like ribbons in my hair!" added Tyiana Robinson.

All of the students enjoyed the end result, except for Aniya Skinner. Diplomatically, Aniya wrote in her journal: "I can't wait to see what awaits next week."