Taking home leftovers and lifelong cooking skills

Volunteer Susan Munafo, students Mia Cooper, Julia Bieneman, Ciara German, and Rosayah Greer, kitchen worker Sharon Horton, student Timothy Kelso, and volunteer Jane Pupis, celebrate the final week of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wm. H. Loesche school.


Hard to believe that this was our last week. The students chose to make Rosemary Drumsticks with Sweet Potato Fries to accompany the Carrot Cake. We had a lot of work to do but making the recipes for the second time was much easier. There was a lot of preparation but we quickly got into groups and were able to get the cake in the oven first, so that it could cool in time. Luckily, the new ovens could be set separately for the chicken and fries. Each student had a parent and they really enjoyed serving them. The best part was getting their certificates and spoons and having leftovers to take home. Now, they can show off at home and prepare some tasty, healthy meals for their families.