Students turned up the heat on cauliflower 'rice' stir-fry

My Daughter\'s Kitchen Kitchen Notebook week 5, fall 2017-20112017-0007
Brenda Waber, Joy Jackson, Skylah Blackwell, JennaV Gonzalez, Marques Williford, Peggy Kaplan, David Trusty, Devon Trusty get ready to sample the cauliflower fried rice and cucumber salad that they learned to make during week 5 of the fall 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wissahickon Fernhill.

Our chefs are veggie lovers, so "Don't eat it, we need it" was the rhyme of the day. Cucumber slices are apparently irresistible! JennaV Gonzalez added twice the red pepper flakes to the marinade since she and most of the students like everything spicy. "Please pass the  Siracha" made  the meal even more popular, not a "grain" of the cauliflower fried "rice" was left!