Students learn the secret to tear-free onion chopping

Photos - local - urbanpromise week4
Maxwell Brandon (left) preps root vegetables while Khannitha Nguyen slices parsnips. Students learned to make roasted chicken with root vegetables during week 3 of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Urban Promise.

We decided to add another root vegetable to the mix—parsnips.  They got chopped along with the carrots , and the junior chefs got to taste them raw. “Tastes like a cross between a carrot and a cucumber,” said Celiyah Roman.  Celiyah went on to school the class on how to cut onions without crying.  “You leave the roots on until the very end,” she explained, following her own instructions.  “Well that worked!” she said, dry eyed after the onions were chopped.  This week the junior chefs had to trim the chicken, our first time working with meat.  “I feel like I want to be a vegan,” said Khannitha Nguyen.  “I am not eating this,” said Celiyah . “I only eat chicken with no bones, no skin and definitely no veins.”

Our class made quick work of this recipe, leaving more than enough time to make a salad with the extra carrots peeled into ribbons and a vinaigrette dressing, to take turns checking the chicken and stir the roasting vegetables and pay a visit to the compost outside. Back inside we made predictions on how the chicken would turn out, hoping for tender and crispy.  The class liked the chicken but not quite as much as their favorites—fried and barbequed.