Students' confidence, cooking skills shine in final meal for parents and guests

Lisa Hendrickson, Peru Wilmer

Updated: Thursday, May 4, 2017, 3:00 AM

Shaleyska Alers gets the strawberry-apple bars ready to bake during the final session of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Boys and Girls Club of Camden County.

For the final meal at the Boys & Girls Club of Camden, the students chose to make the Baked Chicken and Root Vegetables and the Strawberry/Apple Oat Bars. Now that they had been cooking together for 6 weeks, they were very comfortable with the routine and were confident with their chopping skills. Dylan Marrero said, "I loved working with the people here. They were cooperative, and they didn't argue. Everyone had their own job and they did it, but everyone worked together."

Each student volunteered for a job and got to work quickly since they had twice as much food to prepare. Some worked on prepping the ingredients for the chicken dish, while the others worked on the oat bars. The group added an apple into the strawberry mixture instead of rhubarb which gave the oat bars an added sweetness. In addition to the chicken dish, the group roasted several heads of garlic to spread on a whole wheat baguette. After both dishes were put into the oven, the group cleaned up the kitchen. Then there was time to write notes on what their favorite dishes were, what new cooking skills they mastered, and what fun food facts they learned. Once the food was cooked, the table was set and the group with their guests and teachers sat down to enjoy the food together.

All the students really enjoyed their 8 weeks of cooking classes. Shaleyska Alers said, "It was fun being in a cooking class because it was fun trying new things and learning new stuff." Another student, Michaela McFadden shared, "My favorite thing about these past few cooking classes was cutting the vegetables. I learned many new ways to chop, slice, and dice. I also got to try some new things, and learned new facts about the things I eat." Volunteers Peru Wilmer and Lisa Hendrickson enjoyed teaching the students new skills and watching them learn and grow. Everyone enjoyed trying new foods that were tasty and also healthy.

Lisa Hendrickson, Peru Wilmer

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