Students arrive ready to slice and dice

Lissette Rodriguez and Samantha Springer prepare fish tacos and coleslaw during week 3 of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at St. Augustine Academy.


Today our young girls entered week three of My Daughter's Kitchen with confidence and excitement.  What's on the menu for today?  Fish tacos and sweet potato fries!  "Why sweet potato?  Why not regular salty fries?" expressed two of the girls who had never tried sweet potato fries or fish tacos.  The girls at SAA were ready to try new recipes with unfamiliar tastes.  

Ready to slice and dice, the girls prepared for fish tacos. "The meal was fun to bake and cook.  It was also yummy.  It was very textury and the taco was tangy, but in a good way." - Samantha Springer.   

It was a fun day at SAA and the meal turned out to be a huge success!

- Ann Strohacker, Cheryl Pfeiffer