Scrambled eggs, banana cake lesson full of great observations

Photos - local - awbury week1
Aniya Skinner, Destiny Holmes, Aneirh Jackson, Tyiana Robinson, Marcus Waters, and Mirrah Morris transfer the banana cake batter to the pan during week 1 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wissahickon Charter School, Awbury campus.

Marcus Waters hadn't seen a whisk before. "What's that thing?" he asked. It's used for beating the eggs. It's faster and doesn't cost a lot. "You can just use a fork, you know!"Aniya Skinner examined her egg before cracking it. She wondered (out loud) how a chick can fit in it. While setting the table, we mentioned the positioning of the utensils, napkin, and cup. Destiny Holmes (who is a southpaw) wondered why the fork goes on the left. (Now, that's food for thought.) At the end of class, Tyiana Robinson proudly walked over to us to show us her journal entry. It read: "This was the best thing ever. I wish we did this at home." What a heartfelt ending to a wonderful first class!