Salmon, steamed veggies a tasty way to learn new cooking skills

Visitation week 2-26112017-0001
Mariah Alicia samples the salmon recipe that she and the other students learned to make during week 2 of the fall 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Visitation Blessed Virgin Mary.

One superlative after another described students' responses to the week’s menu of glazed salmon and fresh, steamed vegetables.   Comments:  “Rich, velvety and scrumptious!”   “If I died, I’d ask for this meal before!”    “If I was told before eating this meal I would love it, I would have said that’s crazy.  I loved it!”  Students are learning how to read recipes, to measure and to steam to get crunchy, higher-nutrient vegetables.  They have also gotten introduced to marinating and basting as cooking techniques.  Cooking skills are broadening with each class with very tasty outcomes.