Salmon cakes 'taste like a spicy burger'

Rani Mistry forms salmon cakes, while Qamar Saadoon and Vlad Lapunka watch. My Daughter's Kitchen students at Loesche School learned to make salmon cakes and sweet potato wedges during week 5 of the Spring 2018 session of the program.

No snow and ready to go! Canned salmon was a new food for everyone and only Qamar Saadoon had eaten sweet potatoes. After practicing our dicing skills with the red peppers and onions, we were ready to chop the sweet potatoes. Rani Mistry cried, “These potatoes are too hard!” 
We needed our sharpest knife and our muscles to go through them. Finally, they were finished and ready for  the oven.  Mixing up the sautéed veggies with the salmon was easy. Rolling them into patties was another story but they each did it. We even had time to begin cleaning up while they cooked. The salmon cakes looked delicious on the plate but we needed the taste test.  Aliia Askarova liked the salmon cakes, not too spicy. Vlad Lapunka was skeptical but once he tasted the salmon cakes, he said, “they tasted like a spicy burger.” Matteo Dede cried,  “I liked everything.”  Mrs. Munafo and Ms. Pupis were pleasantly surprised with the salmon cakes, too. We agreed that this might be our final choice for the parents but there are two more recipes left. Can’t wait!