Rosemary chicken devoured; cauliflower 'too bland'

Leann Morton-Davis, Yariza Chacon-Madrid and Sonya Vong prepare rosemary chicken and roasted cauliflower during week 2 of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at FSAS.

This week began with Elizabeth Alvarado sharing about how she had made last week's recipe (veggie breakfast pockets) at home for her brothers and sisters. The prep for this week's recipe went super fast as the girls divided up the tasks. Only Leann Morton-Davis and Elizabeth Alvarado were brave enough to touch the chicken while Yariza Chacon-Madrid, Sonya Vong, and Nyvia Meas handled the chopping of onions and herbs.  We all enjoyed the smells of lemon, rosemary, and garlic that filled the kitchen as we waited for our chicken and cauliflower to roast. The chicken was devoured quickly but most bowls only had a few nibbles taken from the cauliflower. "I think it was kind of bland," noted Yariza Chacon-Madrid. "I think it needs more flavor."