Roasted Chicken and Vegetables Scores Big at Comly

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Layla Bevan, Matt Dumyak, Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez and Darya Radzevich peel vegetables for the roast chicken and vegetables recipe that they learned to make during week 4 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Comly.

The junior chefs couldn’t wait to tackle their next recipe, “Chicken and Roasted Vegetables.” They were thrilled to be working with chicken, and couldn’t wait to dig in!  As they prepared the meal, the chefs got to practice different cutting skills on the vegetables.  Matt Dumyak coined the carrots expertly, while Darya Radzevich quartered the potatoes.  Lea Schwegel cut the onion into wedges, and the cooks talked about how roasting will change the taste and texture of the vegetables.  “I don’t know if I’d eat this roasted,’ Layla Bevan commented as she peeled and added whole garlic cloves to the vegetables.  While the chicken was roasting, the smell filled the kitchen and the ambitious chefs worked on a green salad to complement the chicken.  “I think that the chicken will taste so good!” said Lea Schwegel.  “It smells soooooo good! Ummmm!” remarked Matt Dumyak in his notes about the meal.  As they sat down to their meal, the recipe got a resounding thumbs up. “The chicken has everything that I like,” said Darya Radzevich, noting the vinegar-rosemary dressing she prepared.  “The chicken looks nasty uncooked,” said Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez, “but when it’s cooked, the skin is crispy and tasty!”