Prepwork produces a '5-star burrito breakfast'

fd1notebook08g.jpg Kitchen Notebook, March 8, 2018-08032018-0006
Bismeily Reyes, Allie Lillo, and Daisy Harvey get avocados ready for the breakfast burrito recipe during week 1 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Visitation BVM.

Students arrived full of enthusiasm at Visitation School’s MDK’s first session of the Spring 2018 term.  To kick off, both instructors provided an introduction to the program and everyone then discussed goals and guidelines for the term.   Charged for action, the work of preparing the first recipe got underway and students got busy chopping, dicing, measuring, whisking and all that was needed to achieve mis en place before sauteing and baking.  Spicy aromas filled the air and eating soon proceeded.  One student declared that “a 5-star burrito breakfast” had been prepared as nutritious as it was delicious.  A question was asked as class drew to a close about week 2’s menu.  Some voiced frustration that a whole week was too long to wait before preparing some delicious breaded chicken and learning what it meant to braise vegetables.  The class clearly shows a healthy appetite for learning as well as for tasty eating.