Pre-trick-or-treat tacos and sweet potato fries

Kayshla Alers (costumed for Halloween) prepares her fish taco alongside Tanisha Pratt during week 3 of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Boys and Girls Club of Camden County.


Our class was held on Halloween and only 2 of our 5 students came to cook. What were we to do with all of the food? No worries - we rounded up Michaela McFadden and Tanisha Pratt from last session's classes! They were delighted to lend a hand in cooking...and eating!

The girls all took turns with most tasks this week - dipping the fish in the milk and then breading it, slicing cabbage and sweet potatoes, chopping cilantro. Michaela and Tanisha didn't miss a step in showing off the skills they learned last year while Kayshla and Shaline enjoyed having 2 of the older girls with us. 

Our meal was enjoyed by all and the girls heartily ate their way through the fish tacos and sweet potato fries. Asian pears were this week's desert. The girls marveled at how crunchy they were. We packaged up leftovers and the girls were off to trick or treating!

-Michele Tuma and Peru Wilmer