Paprika, oregano, cayenne add dimension to burrito filling

fd1notebook08j.jpg Kitchen Notebook, March 8, 2018-08032018-0011
Arielle Kosty and Peter Olsen smell new spices for the breakfast burrito recipe during week 1 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Comly Elementary.

The Comly mini-chefs are excited about making burritos!   Seeing the ingredients come out of the bag was very exciting, as they didn’t realize that scrambled eggs would in the burrito.  Peter  Olsen and Arielle Kosty  took notice of the spices in their cookbook that would be added, savoring the smell of each spice.  Arielle Kosty noted, “Oh my! The cayenne smells really strong!”  Peter Olsen added, “The paprika will add a nice flavor.”  Pooja Patel couldn’t resist the oregano, “It smells really good.”  The students really seemed to appreciate the importance of adding flavor to enhance the flavor of the dish.  Philip Neatu was in such anticipation, he “accidently took a bite” before it even hit the oven.  Sophia Christinzio had a great day, stating, “I have reached my only goal in life: to crack the perfect egg!”  All in all, a great recipe to start with.