Oven-roasted veggies 'crispunchy' - crispy and crunchy

Nadya Davis, Janiya Hale, Daria Williams, Isjeer Lowery, and Crystal Dove get ready to try the roast chicken and root vegetables that the learned to make during week 4 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Community Partnership school.

The students are still perfecting their chopping skills..."Tip to tail!"  they exclaim.  After sniffing both dried and fresh rosemary, they all decided to use the fresh.  "Much stronger aroma," said Daria Williams.

After waiting patiently for a long 45 minutes, it was time to eat.  They loved the texture of the vegetables and gobbled them up.  Isjeer Lowery came up with a new term:  "It's crispunchy - a mix of crispy and crunchy!"