Not your ordinary cheese-covered tacos

Tiara Harris helps Paullina Ruiz arrange sweet potato fries, then watches how Matthew Scheidler and Fadila Sibay bread fish for fish tacos during week 3 of the fall 2016 My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Comly Elementary.

The mini-chefs were running on full steam from the success of last week’s delicious chicken dish.  They are familiar with tacos, so their expectations are high!  As we unpacked, their brows furrowed, and a look of curiosity overcame them.  Joseph Moll exclaimed, “Where’s the cheese and tomatoes?”  Tiara Harris said, “I thought we were making tacos?” 

     As we read the recipe and scanned the ingredients, they realized this wasn’t going to be any ordinary taco!  Matthew’s expression was one of shock when he unwrapped the fish, and stated, “I’ve never eaten fish before!”

     The mini-chefs quickly decided which items to prepare.  Fadila Sibay, our junior expert, quickly started working on the Sweet Potato Fries.  She soon realized it was a job too big for one person.  Paullina Ruiz jumped to her aid (after sampling all the raw veggies) and they got to work.  They took turns breading the fish, but disliked the texture of the raw fish.  The fries were baking, the fish was cooking, the slaw was marinating, and the kids were getting hungry!  Each student plated their own dish, and bravely tasted the tacos- a success!  The fries were unanimously voted “a favorite!”

 -- Lorrie Craley and Cindy ODonnell