No shells at all in the eggs!

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Brant Paul and Gilberto Gonzalez learn to make scrambled eggs while Daisha Brown and Daisy Orr prepare banana oatmeal muffins during the first session of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at LaSalle Academy.

Meeting the new class is always one of the best days. The children come in, shake our hands, welcome us to La Salle Academy and introduce themselves. They were really excited to be a part of the cooking class, especially since they heard all about it from the other half of the class that took part last session.  They got right to work on the muffins - the girls mixing the dry ingredients and the boys mixing the wet ingredients. Then it was on to the scrambled eggs. Daisy Orr had never cracked eggs before and got the hang of it quickly. No shells at all in the eggs! Brant Paul had never done dishes before and quickly learned.

Daisha Brown liked showing off her cooking skills and enjoyed this first meal. Gilberto Gonzalez thought this first cooking experience was great and said cooking has always been a passion of his and would someday like to open a restaurant. I'd say it was a great first day!