Next time, we'll add a little water to the veggie pasta bake to keep it moist

Students at Cayuga Elementary display the spicy roasted broccoli bake that they learned to make during week 3 of the My Daughter's Kitchen program.

The Cayuga chapter of MDK is getting into the swing of things. Mrs. Driscoll and Ms. Piotrowicz were so excited to see a pasta dish on the menu for this spring. We missed the pasta dish during the fall session. We both always enjoy sharing our Italian heritage with our students and a pasta recipe is usually one of the best ways. Spicy broccoli pasta was a easy dish to prepare and one that I think the kids could easily recreate at home with their families. Temperature control in our school convection oven is always hit or miss so our veggie mixture was more well done than we would’ve wanted but it still tasted yummy when mixed with the pasta and baked again. The pumpkin seeds gave the dish a unique taste and crunch as well as added protein. The boys and girls tasted a little of the ricotta before cooking and gave it a thumbs down as a stand alone. However once it was added to the pasta and baked they enjoyed the taste of it. The general consensus among the group was that the dish was too dry. If I made it again I likely would mix the ricotta with the cooked pasta as well as a 1/2 of the pasta cooking water to keep it a bit moist. We had a guest join us as we ate. Mr. Hutton our school counselor stopped by to visit and we shared a taste of the pasta with him as well. He also took a picture with our crew.