New recipes, plus old ingredients, make one delicious meal

Cayuga Elementary students (clockwise from left) Simir Smith, Zymir Brown, Felipe Ortiz, Elijah Lopez, and Alexavier Aviles.

This week's recipe was absolutely delicious. Ms. P worked with Elijah and Simir on prepping the drumsticks. I worked with Felipe, Zymir, and Alexavier on prepping the cauliflower, apples, and pecans. One of our boys, Zymir was very skilled at chopping the onion and although it did make him tear up as onions are known to do, he was so proud of himself. You can see him pointing to the beautiful pile of neatly chopped onions in the attached photo.  We had some ingredients left over from last weeks recipe, we didn't want to be wasteful so we repurposed them. There was almost a whole bag of baby spinach. We prepared that and then wilted it on the pan when the chicken was finished. It was definitely an experiment and thankfully it turned out delicious. We also cut up the remaining two oranges from last week to have with our food. The boys set the table and sat down to eat. One of them said "it's like we're eating in a castle." That tugged at my heartstrings. Over all it was a fabulous week. We're looking forward to each of the coming weeks. ~ Suzanne Rady and Jaimie Piotrowicz