Mysterious 'pine tree' herb transforms roasted potatoes and chicken

Emani Maldonado, Takeira Woods and Solerika Colon learn how to make roasted chicken and vegetables during week 4 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Hunter.

We had a lot of chopping to do this week and the girls were very excited to put their knife skills to the test.   We bought different color potatoes and the girls were amazed that there were actually purple potatoes.  We also had our first smell of rosemary and everyone agreed it smelled like a pine tree and even kind of looked like one too.   Takeira Woods was brave and tasted a piece of the rosemary and said it was very bitter, but we talked about how this herb, once cooked, would add excellent flavor to our vegetables. 

Once we pulled our tray out of the oven there were lots of “oohs” and “ahhhs” about how good it looked.  We also had cut up some lemons, limes and mint to add to our water and we decided to call it “fancy water”. 

We sat down to eat and all the girls loved the chicken and the roasted vegetables.  Emani Maldonado was surprised how sweet the onions tasted once roasted.   The roasted garlic was not as popular and Solerika Colon described it as spicy.   Of course the fancy water was a big hit and we agreed to have it with our meals for the remainder of the semester.