Moroccan chicken recipe the most challenging — and best tasting

Photos - local - urbanPromise week7
Celiyah Roman and Teon Gardner chop, while the rest of the Urban Promise chefs man the stove. Students learned to make Moroccan Chicken during week 7 of the Spring 2017, My Daughter's Cooking program at the school.

This recipe was the most challenging and the best received; a unanimous decision to make again for our family dinner and last class.   As we went over the recipe, the ingredients and the preparation needs, Teon  Gardner volunteered to handle the chicken. “It looks slimy. I want to cut it up!”  While he got busy making bite size pieces, Celiyah Roman began mincing the garlic, holding up her hands to show bits sticking to her fingers.  “ garlic is pretty slimy too, “ she said. While the stew took shape on the stove, the junior chefs commented on the smell filling the kitchen.  “ I love a good curry,” said Teon.  Meanwhile four girls began cutting the strawberries and the mysterious rhubarb for our dessert bars. Their conversation delightfully turned to what qualities they wanted in their future husbands. “ Someone who likes to cook and clean up!” said Nyla  Hannah, and they all agreed with Khannitha Nguyen—no picky eaters!   Purple and green stalks of asparagus were  peeking up in the Urban Promise garden, and the junior chefs went out to cut some down while everything was cooking.  We added  a steamed side dish of  the fresh asparagus, which was also a big hit with our class.