Inspired by cooking shows, the young chefs start off

Photos - local - camdens promise week1
Monica Ortiz, Claudia Lector, Jinell Reid-Green, and Hamlet Disla Jr. prep ingredients during week 1 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Camden’s Promise Charter School.

The students entered the kitchen excited for the first class!  All confessed to watching lots of cooking shows on TV and wanting to pursue a career in the restaurant or bakery business.  After placing all the ingredients needed on the table they lined up to begin work.  Each had a specific task.  They measured and whisked with concentration and cooperation. When it was time to slice the bananas, Hamlet had this advice for Jinell, “move the knife back and forth like a rocking chair”. The banana oatmeal applesauce cake recipe was transformed into delicious muffins.  Hamlet said, “this is sure better than a frozen chicken patty!”