Graduating to a lifetime of healthy eating

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Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen students Lan Ahn Nguyen and Shuxian Lin -- and Fall 2016 MDK graduates Carleigh Marsilio and Quan Tran -- enjoy a last class celebration meal of turkey tacos and strawberry/rhubarb crisp bars.

We invited family and friends for a dinner of turkey tacos and strawberry/rhubarb crisp bars to celebrate our last class. Lots of prep and cooking had to be done so everyone got down to business.  Once our guests arrived, the high point of the evening got underway: the awarding of graduation certificates to MDK Spring 2017 students.  Following the ceremony, everyone devoured the tacos and all the crisp bars disappeared.  Our student chefs agreed that the event was a successful finish to a great cooking series!  We thank the Vetri Foundation and staff and other MDK supporters for the opportunity to pick up new cooking skills and to learn to prepare easy-to-make, inexpensive meals that are delicious and healthy.  You’ve gotten us started on what we hope is a lifetime of healthy cooking and healthy eating!