Fragrant minestrone soup a class-pleaser

Photos - local - urban promise week 3
Nyla Hannah stirs the minestrone soup during week 3 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Urban Promise.

We started our class with washing hands and a discussion of our favorite soups: Our junior chefs offering corn chowder, clam chowder and chicken noodle soups as their top contenders.   “But the best is tomato soup with grilled cheese!” said Teon Gardner, and everyone agreed. This recipe allowed for lots of chopping and dicing and the opportunity to reinforce knife skills and making sure that the vegetables were evenly chopped.  Everyone took turns stirring the soup and taking whiffs of the fragrant pot, while the table was set.

We sat down to steaming bowls of minestrone and after three spoonfuls, “Maxwell Brandon was surprised to learn he was eating vegetables, even though he diced the carrots and minced the garlic.  “I hate vegetables! I thought carrots were fruit!”  But he managed to eat a few more spoonfuls.  “I eat vegetables all the time at home,” said Teon Gardner, and he and Nyla Hannah helped themselves to second bowlfuls.  “This is my first time eating kale,” explained Nyla, giving the minestrone a definite thumbs up.