Flavors blend beautifully in this vegetable minestrone soup

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Comly students Layla Bevan and Darya Radzevich get ready to try the minestrone soup that they learned to make during week 3 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program.

The junior chefs entered the kitchen on a cold and blustery afternoon.  It was a perfect day to make soup, Alice Waters’ Minestrone soup to be exact.  The chefs delegated the prep work among themselves and quickly noticed how many vegetables were in the recipe.  “Why is this onion so strong?” commented Matt Dumtak as he worked on finely chopping the onion.  “Even I’m tearing up!” Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez remarked as he chopped the garlic beside Matt Dumyak.  Layla Bevan vigorously worked on chopping the carrots into disks, and Darya Radzevich set to work sweating out the beginning ingredients of the soup in a large pot.  As the green beans, zucchini, kale, and broth were added, the smell of warm soup filled the kitchen.  After adding the diced tomatoes and beans, the soup cooked down a bit and the chefs sat down to their meal.  “It smells amazing!” said Layla Bevan , “The soup is so colorful, it looks like a rainbow!” The chefs sprinkled some grated cheese on top of their protein and vitamin packed soup and noted how all of the flavors blended together.  “The kale adds a crunch to the soup, “ remarked Darya Radzevich.  Thumbs up all around for this simple, healthy vegetable soup!