Fish tacos, slaw, students' favorite meal so far

Arianna Bacci, Karen Godinez, Adeline Perez, and Briannalyss Santiago prepare fish for the fish taco recipe during week 3 of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at McClure Elementary.


Everyone was excited to make their own sweet potato fries, but a few of our student chefs seemed hesitant about fish tacos.  To their surprise this was the favorite meal for all the students so far.  Adeline Perez loved the fish, and even enjoyed the cabbage slaw on the taco making it the second vegetable she likes thanks to our cooking adventures!  Briannalyss Santiago really enjoyed getting her hands dirty coating the fist in the breadcrumbs.  Karen Godinez liked the spicy kick from the breadcrumbs, and found herself scooping some extra crumbs from the baking pan onto her plate.  Arianna Bacci loved the sweet potato fries and brought some home to share with her mother after we finished.  After we ran out of fish the students tried putting the sweet potato fries on the leftover tortillas with the slaw and sauce, and that was also a big hit.