Fish tacos, pickle slaw, sweet potato fries get mixed reviews

Mia Cooper, Julia Bieneman, Tim Kelso, and Ciara German prepare the fish during week 3 of the Fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wm. H. Loesche School.

Chop, chop, chop! Everybody was busy chopping something this week. Working in two teams, we were able to have everything ready, at the same time and still have time to clean up.Ciara German and Rosayah Greer chopped the cabbage and cilantro for the slaw and made the sauce.  Julia Bieneman was afraid of the fish but  did a good job soaking it in the milk and then breading it.  Some mixed reviews this week.  Rosayah wrote, “the slaw was actually delicious and moist.” Mia Cooper described the fish as spicy and the slaw as tangy. Tim Kelso enjoyed the fish better than the slaw, the exact opposite as he thought. Mostly,  they loved it and even had some leftovers to share with their families. 

 -- Susan Munafo, Jane Pupis and Sharon Horton (Kitchen Worker)