Slicing sweet potatoes into fries was difficult, scary -- but a success

Janiyah Green, Laayla Smith, Radiant Magnetic, Nylah Williams, India McLeod, and Jazelle Minor get the sweet potato fries and fish tacos ready during week 3 of the Fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wissahickon Charter School, Awbury Campus.

What a rush! Lots of new words and new cooking terms learned today.

"Since we really have three dishes to make today," I told the class, "we have to hustle!"

Cutting the sweet potatoes was difficult and a little scary for the students, but with lots of help they managed and were proud of themselves for mastering the task.

While cutting the cabbage for the slaw, India McLeod asked, "Does the red cabbage have dye in it? Why is it staining the cutting board?" I explained that the bright color is called "pigmentation" and can be used as a natural dye used for clothing and cosmetics.

After the slaw came out of the refrigerator, Janiyah Green said, "Ooh - the pickled cabbage melted." That's what happens when it marinates, I explained. It wilts when the cabbage absorbs the juices. 

Jazelle Minor learned that you can make a great-tasting sauce with only two ingredients: mayonnaise and freshly-squeezed lime juice!

In her journal, Nylah Williams wrote: "I can't wait to do more cooking!" We feel the same way.

-- Lisa Krader