Fish can be good without being fried?

Troy Kendrick and Sabria Reid prepare the sweet potato fry recipe during week 3 of the Thursday section of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Philadelphia Montessori.



The class had fun preparing this week's meal and was surprised by the results.  Casideh Pierre said she never liked red cabbage but it added crunch to the taco. It was Troy Cook's  first fish taco and he liked it, although he wanted the sweet potato fries to be sweeter. Maimouna thought the fish taco was very good. Sabria found the fish tacos "delicious, crunchy, tasty and perfect". Jannah's favorite was also the fish tacos but she found the fries bitter.  Everyone was surprised how good the fish was without being fried.  Chopping techniques have improved as well as reading recipes, understanding and planning tasks.

-- Sally Barron,  Joy Bannett