First things first: reading a recipe and developing knife skills

Photos - local - loesche week1
Adam Khashab, Bob Hamdamov, Mason Schuhl, Solomiia Dalai, and Jada Montgomery crack eggs during week 1 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wm. H. Loesche School.

What a surprise for our seventh session-three experienced and enthusiastic boys, Adam Khashab, Bob Hamdamov, and Mason Schuhl. They were anxiously joined by Jada Montgomery and Solomia Dilai. First, they measured wet and dry ingredients, added and mixed them into the batter and put the banana cake into the oven. Next, they learned some knife skills, read a recipe and practiced setting the table. Finally, they made the perfect scrambled eggs and then sat down to eat the food. "Dee-licious!" said Bob Hamdamov. The food quickly disappeared. Our first meal was a success!