First lesson: how to hold a knife

fd1notebook08h.jpg Kitchen Notebook, March 8, 2018-08032018-0008
Zakiyah Hilliard-Taylor mixes eggs during week 1 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at TeamUp Philly at Daroff Universal Charter.

We have a wonderful group of smart, enthusiastic 5th graders who are really excited to learn to chop and season food like “real chefs”!  Zakiyah Hilliard-Taylor learned that it was “easier to cut with my fingers on the side of the knife”, as she held the base of the blade with her thumb and forefinger.  Sarah Morris commented on how many steps and ingredients went into our healthy breakfast burrito recipe and the amount of work that it took to put it together.  Milan Blount was pleasantly surprised that we got to eat our meal together when we were done cooking, and Makiah Green gave the finished dish a reluctant thumbs-up, even though she made it clear at the beginning of the class that she does not like eggs!  

On the way out, we overheard our students discussion how cooking class was “the most fun (they had) all week”!